Custom Original Piece of Art, inspired by Iceland

Custom Original Piece of Art, inspired by Iceland


I am traveling to London mid October, 2017 for only 1 day. While there, I will create for you one original piece of art made ON SITE inspired by my surroundings. I find each time I travel that I create something very different and unique to where I am. I also make a custom blend of flower essences based on that area which are infused into the painting making it a truly unique energetic piece of art.

All original pieces will be created on 11x17in Watercolor paper, ready to frame, and will be mailed to you free of charge upon my return. Pieces could be created using acrylic, inks, watercolors, collage... I won't know until I am inspired. Each piece created will be different and unique. You are allowed to purchase more than one, but all purchases must be made before October 1, 2017.

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