Mind, Body, Spirit Alchemy by Lara Cornell

Mind, Body, Spirit Alchemy by Lara Cornell


Bring magic into your every day life with adding just small things into your routine. Lara incorporates her many skills into baby steps for you. It's not about overhauling your life to find more balance, it's about taking baby steps. 

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Lara’s Mind, Body + Spirit Alchemy:
The art of mixing a combination of holistic healing techniques including art to transform & harmonize you in your mind, body + spirit; helping you to live truly from your heart center in a “‘seemingly magical” way.

You are one-of-a kind, made up of a special blend of stardust. This mind, body + spirit alchemy is blended specifically for your unique self to help you shine.

This ebook is split into Mind, Body, and Spirit tips for you to incorporate into your daily return to bring magic into your life. 

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