Do you have a group who'd like to get together and have fun over coffee and pastries? Are you looking for something different and unique to do together?

I facilitate a different kind of painting workshop. It's a workshop where it has nothing to do with what you go home with and everything to do with how you feel while you are painting. The group works together on ALL the paintings and every single one will always look different than any other before it. You'll have the opportunity to try different materials such as paint, pastels, glitter, papers and more. 

Each person infuses their energy into each painting they touch. With this collaborative painting workshop, each person goes home with a painting infused with the energy of their friends. It becomes more than just a canvas with paint, it becomes a story. 

Workshops are typically 4 hours (with breaks), and are for groups up to 10 people. Includes pastries, beverages and all painting supplies.

All workshops hosted by Anahata Collaborative in Uptown, Minneapolis.  



It's more than a piece of art, it's a story of the attendees!

Sick of the GUEST BOOK idea? If you're going to bother to grab all the attendees and have them sign something, why not do something more creative? Better yet, what if it was something you could actually show off after the event?                 

Have you thought about having a commemorative art piece for your event where all the attendees are able to make their mark which also captures the ENERGY of the event?

Maybe you've thought it would be a cool idea, but worried that you'll have a messy piece of canvas that you'll have to hang somewhere in the house and it will match NOTHING?

That's where I come in. 

I will meet with the event coordinator (or yourself) to get the details of the event (number of people, topic, energy level, theme) and then will facilitate live collaborative painting with the attendees at the event. 

After the event, I will complete the piece of art in my studio in the following days and add a custom mandala as the focal point, created intuitively based off the energy of the event itself. This will result in a piece of original art that is pulled together and looks gorgeous! Something you'll proudly hang in your home, office or business. 

All of the layers underneath become a story of the event as well as the attendees creating a unique piece which could never be re-created. Truly, a one of a kind piece of art. It will be framed and made ready to hang.