Lara Cornell
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Life In Flowers

The ART of living from heart center through the transformational alchemy of flowers and paint.


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"What the world needs is more people who love themselves." Rune Lazuli


Originals and prints inspired by my travels around this magical world of ours.


Collaborative Intuitive Painting Workshops

Live Collaborative Intuitive Painting


Art & Flowers PARIS retreat

 Photo by Andrea Corona Jenkins

Photo by Andrea Corona Jenkins

About Lara

Just a couple short years ago, I was stuck. I’m sure you know what I mean. The: get up -go to work -go home -eat dinner -go to bed -rinse and repeat. I had three small children and a husband who were (and still are) the thump in my heart. But the dredge of the daily lack-luster routine and the negative energies I was surrounding myself with were dragging me down and in conjunction was dragging my family down. I couldn’t take it any more.

I started searching for an outlet... (more)