Lara Cornell
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Life In Flowers

The ART of living from heart center through the transformational alchemy of flowers and paint.


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"What the world needs is more people who love themselves." Rune Lazuli


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Originals and prints inspired by my travels around this magical world of ours.


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Blending Mind, Body, & Spirit Alchemy to guide you to becoming your best, most beautiful self. 


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Creative Self Care, because you are worth it!

 Photo by Andrea Corona Jenkins

Photo by Andrea Corona Jenkins

About Lara

Just a couple short years ago, I was stuck. I’m sure you know what I mean. The: get up -go to work -go home -eat dinner -go to bed -rinse and repeat. I had three small children and a husband who were (and still are) the thump in my heart. But the dredge of the daily lack-luster routine and the negative energies I was surrounding myself with were dragging me down and in conjunction was dragging my family down. I couldn’t take it any more.

I started searching for an outlet... (more)