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The ART of living from heart center through the transformational alchemy of art, flowers & adventure

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What the world needs is more people who love themselves.
— Rune Lazuli
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I learned early on in my painting career that the thing that gave me the most joy was the ACT of painting and creating. I learned to push aside the expectations, go with the flow, get my hands messy, and create from a place of joy. After all, my painting career was the result of a bit of a breakdown a few years ago. I’ve written more about this in my journey story.

My Studio: My paintings are multi-layerd creating an entire story within one piece that is original and unique to that piece which can never be recreated. A story held in the layers only for it’s lucky viewer and myself. Check out the gallery and see what I currently have for sale.

Everything I create is inspired by nature and my travels which means each collection holds the energy of that specific place.

Workshops: I had taken a mini-break from teaching workshops the past two years while building up my other business Anahata Collaborative. However, my background is in international travel/education, French language and teaching! I will admit that I really miss being in groups of people and creating! So, this fall I’ll be introducing new workshops and experiences with me in Minneapolis. Stay tuned!

Event Painting: This past year I have been dabbling with collaborative group painting for events and I have had SO MUCH FUN! In 2020 I’ll be bringing this back so if you have an event coming up, a non-profit fundraiser, wedding, etc.. and want something out of the box which you can hang proudly on your wall, you should sign up for my newsletter so you can be the first to know when this officially launches (scroll to the bottom of the page).

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Flower Essences & Perfumes: I have been drawn to flowers as a small child. I used to hide out in the woods by my house and speak to the plants and try to make perfumes. Although I was unsuccessful with the perfumes, what I was actually creating was flower essences but I wouldn’t know that for 3 decades later. The two are not at all the same, but can definitely be used together for maximum impact and can go WAY beyond making you smell pretty. I LOVE doing flower essence consultations with women, especially busy mamas, and helping them heal through flowers… even more than I love creating perfumes.

Dried and Pressed Flowers: When I went to my grandmother’s house as a child, she used to have stacks and stacks of old harlequin romance novels (among other books) with old iron presses on the top. She was drying and pressing flowers between the pages to use for art pieces she created and framed in mini frames. In her garage hung an entire ceiling full of bunches of dried flowers she used to make gorgeous dried wreaths which she sold at the local art boutique. Some of those flowers came from her own curated garden designed specifically for dry-able flowers, or foraging (many times while driving my grandmother around I heard: “Lara, pull over. I need to grab some of those grape vines in the ditch”). Although she never actually taught us any of these skills, she also never hid her hobbies so I learned by being around them and watching her.

Floral Design: Having an aunt and cousin in the floral industry when I was younger with their own flower shops, I picked up a few things through the years and it fueled my passion for fresh flowers. I love the act of creating something beautiful much more than the gardening aspect. I’ve always known about the healing power of flowers and became fascinated by the “language” of flowers as well. My passion has brought me to creating my own floral works of art, mostly in the form of installations.

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INTERNATIONAL RETREATS: In 1993 I went on my first trip to France and it spiraled into decades of working in the international travel industry (Francophone countries in particular). To say I was hooked, is an understatement. In a matter of a couple short years I had lived, traveled, worked all over Europe and in Western Africa and even in the Caribbean.

In 2016, I launched my first ever women’s retreat in Paris where we visited all my favorite locations gilded in gold and flowers, learned about perfume making, explored Monet’s home and garden and walked in the footsteps of French aristocrats. It was amazing! After being a tour guide in Paris for so many years and seeing all the same things, this was my chance to really create the retreat I would want for myself. Since then, I have lead this retreat 3 times!

I’m a wanderlust at heart. I love exploring new cultures, meeting locals, and discovering new things. I feel like a transformed person after a trip abroad and I want more than anything to share this experience with other women.

Coming in 2020 and 2021 I’ll be announcing several more retreats with me with a specific creative focus for that particular country and with time to learn from local artisans. They are more than retreats, they are adventures. Not the: hike to the top of the mountain or jump off the cliff kind of adventure. They are the spend time with yourself, be around other lovely creative women, be part of something new, learn from other creative women around the world, and come home renewed and inspired kind of adventure and I can’t wait for you to join me.

First retreat to be announced will be the Art of Flowers retreat in LONDON in May of 2020 (with an optional add-on to spend some time by the British seaside).

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Photo by Andrea Corona Jenkins

Photo by Andrea Corona Jenkins

About Lara

Just a couple short years ago, I was stuck. I’m sure you know what I mean. The: get up -go to work -go home -eat dinner -go to bed -rinse and repeat. I had three small children and a husband who were (and still are) the thump in my heart. But the dredge of the daily lack-luster routine and the negative energies I was surrounding myself with were dragging me down and in conjunction was dragging my family down. I couldn’t take it any more.

I started searching for an outlet... (more)